Who Am I ?

Name : Ahmed Saad Mansour
DOB : 21-July-1990
Age : 19
Live : Egypt-Mansoura-75 salah eldeane st.
Mobile : 018/0665311 , 014/5793000

******About my life******

At Primary School :
At Prep School :
At Secondary School :

At Faculty :


I’m In faculty of computer scince and information System.
i’m at 4’TH year . My totla degree at last two years is Good. I wish get on a higher rating in next year. Faculty days not my best days in my live. At first i don’t like this fac. but systemic introduced me to . I wish to be a Civil Engineer . I love it more than the first after my first year. Now I’m in CS (Computer Science) department . This is the The most difficult department of the college. I entered this dept because i like it and taught me an important material in the programming , software Engineering and so on. Now I’m Java Insrtractor at harvest traning center in mansoura. This not my first job i have worked in an accountant in orthodontic company Agencies Commercial and Traning Assistantat NewHorizons But not in an official capacity.



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